Postage Stamps of Vietnam’s Indigenous Animals

I’ve been a Postcrosser for over a year, specifically 390 days.  I’ve officially sent 166 postcards via the normal method through Postcrossing but may have sent over 300 and received the same through direct or private swaps since I joined.  Let’s not do the math (expense), shall we? 🙂

Postcrossing have shown me beautiful places and faces and I in turn shared the wonderful and interesting places we have here in Vietnam.  The Vietnamese should be proud to know that not a week passes by without me getting a number of direct swap requests because they like the postcards I’ve been sending from here. 🙂

What I love about the postcards here is that the photographs are not staged or designed.  Most are just about the every day scene you’d see on the street, on the ocean or the river.  The postcards are real and in retrospect sending a postcard from here is actually sharing a slice of life of Vietnam to someone else across the globe.

And today, when I sent my postcards, I saw two new stamps (first two on the photograph) which I would like to share here together with the older one I’ve seen earlier this year.  Terrific artwork, eh?

For more info on where to buy postcards, read more here.

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