Gifts from Home

My mom and mother-in-law are both visiting and apart from being excited that at last my family can get to spend some quality time with them, I couldn’t wait to see what they brought from home.  Mom’s luggage was heavy with delicacies from home (suman, pili boat tarts, pastillas, biscocho) and viands such as Ginataang Pusit and Chicken in Garlic.  Can you believe that?

Mama brought it my stash of brassieres (hehehe!) and paper stuff I ordered from Iprints.  Lots of Jellyace and local chocolates for Sam too (Flat tops! — I think this one’s for me. 😀 )

But what I really am happy about where the reading materials my Mom brought starting with, George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones!  Finally!!!  I searched high and low in the bookstores here and couldn’t find this one.

I missed the launching of Samantha Sotto’s book Before Ever After in the Philippines but luckily my brother still found this one in National Bookstore — actually, NBS had to call him up to let him know they found him a copy.  Terrific!

And of course we mustn’t forget my official source of Philippine Showbiz gossip, YES! Magazine.  Mom had to leave some of the other issues because she actually tipped the scale with so much stuff already.

Oooh and something came in the mail today from MOO all the way from the UK via VNPT.  I was extremely surprised this actually arrived in Vietnam after all the horror stories I’ve heard on how bad the postal system is — and it arrived 9 days early — on a Sunday too!  Either the postal system is working or I’m just lucky.

Hope your weekend was a blast!

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2 Responses to Gifts from Home

  1. Armi says:

    Thank you very much again Tita Ly, Nanay, your auntie sa masarap na pasalubong. Sana sa susunod uli hehehe…..


  2. Lyra says:

    You’re welcome!

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