Board Games Night @ Geisha

I fell in love with Geisha after my meeting with Joan.  Chatting with the lovely owner, Helen and Board Game Nights host, Ray, made me enjoy staying there more.

Geisha is just in Pasteur St., and that’s so near where I work, so I’m betting I’ll be spending my lunch hours there.

And I can’t get over how pretty the details are in the both the shop and cafe — just begging to be photographed!

Interesting ornament hanging from the ceiling —Here’s more of the 3rd floor dining area —

The cafe serve dishes by Joan and guess what’s on the menu?

We actually went for the Thursday Board Games Night but I just have to post some of the photos of the food we ordered. 🙂

Four games were ongoing.  There’s Monopoly that started early and ended late —

Settlers of Catan —

Jenga —

and an Oriental-themed Scrabble game.

I think we are officially addicted to Settlers of Catan.  We’ve been looking for this for some time now and still can’t find it.  Any lead will be appreciated. 🙂

Do check out Geisha every Thursday for the Board Games Night, Latin classes on Sundays, and Live Music every second Saturday of the month.

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7 Responses to Board Games Night @ Geisha

  1. Settlers is an amazing game! I own a copy, but it was purchased in the US a few years ago & I have no idea how to get it here. I do know you can find game information by searching Mayfair Games (there are also many variants to the base game). You can play it for free online at I also play it on my daughter’s Nintendo DS, but it’s so much funner to play it with REAL, LIVE people!! I wish I could make it some Thursday night….

  2. Lyra says:

    Oooh you’re so lucky. I got in touch with Geisha’s manager to find me a copy. Hopefully, she’ll get some leads. Join us on Thursdays! 😀

  3. chung says:

    Hi there,
    We are the only board game shop in saigon, please do check our website at or our activities at There is a collection of 200 copies. Happy gaming!

  4. Arshard says:

    Don’t mean to be pedantic Helen but CA is not allowable word, unless they allowed this recently!. CH is! Arshard

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