A Visit to an Ancient Town

I’ve always been fascinated with culture, tradition, and the arts that after reading articles about Hoi An, I just knew I had to visit.

Luckily, we decided to go to Danang and our hostel was just 30 minutes away from the quiet, ancient town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before Hoi An became known as a trading port in the 15th to 19th century in South East Asia, it was controlled by the Cham people’s spice trade port  between the 7th and 10th centuries.  So the face of the town has been influenced by both locals and foreigners.

It’s actually reminiscent of my own country’s Vigan in Ilocos Sur where the houses and building structures are well-preserved from the Spanish colonial period.

Although Hoi An’s structures are stuck in time, their usage aren’t.  Most have turned their homes into quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants.

The town also have a museum and…


We visited the town in the late afternoon with the family — and I have to say, bring only those interested and capable to walk around.  I loved walking down the village and popping in the different homes but unfortunately, not everyone in my group wanted to check them all out. 😦  And I would have loved to ride a bike!  That would have been so perfect!

So tip #1 when going to Hoi An, make sure your group likes walking and a visit in the afternoon till late is best so it wouldn’t be too hot.

We didn’t know that some areas required a ticket to get in so we needed to scout for the ticket counter.  Now the ticket counters are found near the Japanese Bridge,

and we were unfortunately dropped off the other side of town in Hai Ba Trung.  It was quite a long walk which would have been fine except again, I had senior citizens walking with us.

So tip # 2, if you can ask to be let off near the Japanese Bridge, so much the better, so you’re within easy access to the ticket counters.  The cost is 90kVND for visiting 5 places.  This is how the ticket looks like:

I think even if you don’t plan to visit all the interesting spots, it would be good to buy a ticket to help in the maintenance and preservation of the town.

There were lots of interesting alleys to check out with hidden restaurants.

Art shops like the Sova Art Hand Embroidery was awesome!  Reminded me of XQ Hand Embroidery outlet we visited in Nha Trang.  My mom couldn’t believe they were embroidering in such high precision that the works look like paintings when seen from afar.

We saw a couple of tourists having their portraits sketched on the spot.

And a group of art students intently painting and sketching.

Since it’s almost the Autumn Festival (mooncake time!), lots of shops were working on lanterns:

Lanterns are priced starting from 2 USD.

I love Hoi An and I promise to be back!

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7 Responses to A Visit to an Ancient Town

  1. Soki says:

    let me know when you’ll go back… i will join you. =)

  2. Lyra says:

    Looks nice no? Yes balik tayo! Walang babagal-bagal maglakad! Hehehe!

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  4. Nice post. I hope visit and enjoy mine as well. Thank you.

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