Bookazine’s gone.

You read it right.  This isn’t like the Lucky Plaza across the street where it said it’ll be closing starting August.  I mean it’s almost September and it’s still open with new shops actually.  Not that I’m complaining.

Bookazine owned by Mr. Tho was a second-hand bookshop that I frequent in Dong Khoi St.  A few weeks ago, I’ve seen it closed in the middle of the day so I asked one of the guards in the nearby establishments and I was told that Mr. Tho has just had to close for the day and will return the next day.

But alas, today, I saw this:

No more books.  No more magazines.  And POSTCARDS!  I would have to scratch it off my list of places to buy postcards as I’ve written in my old blog entry. 😦

I’m really saddened to see this happen to Mr. Tho who has been there for a quarter of a century.  It would have been nice to have spoken to him a bit before he left.


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3 Responses to Bookazine’s gone.

  1. Mr and Mrs W says:

    Oh no! That is really really sad.

    Maybe you could find someone who knows of his whereabouts and pass on a greetign to him. He may even have some of his old stock you could buy from him??

    Such a shame when a business such as this, closes.

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