Meeting Anh Tuan

When my mom visited last month, she accompanied me around and even joined me when I interviewed Nguyen Anh Tuan for an article in The Word.  Mom gamely asked questions too.  I think I may have taken after her.  😀  Mom loves asking questions!  You can imagine how it was like growing up in our household with her grilling us questions all the time!

Anh Tuan is a painter and mosaic artist who also focuses on reproductions.  Unmarried, he told us that he paints better when he is in love or just fell out of love.

Originally from Dong Nai province, he moved to Saigon in 1992 after finishing his studies and opened his own gallery now found at No. 1 Pham Ngu Lao St. — right behind the Saigon Bus Terminal.

More than his paintings, I actually love, love, love Anh Tuan’s mosaics!  They’re enormous and really beautiful!

As with the previous Vietnamese artists I’ve met, Anh Tuan too is a soft spoken, humble man.

When we interviewed him, he had a student doing some reproduction work too.

Anh Tuan can speak English but for the interview I asked my colleague, Thuy to help me out.  There are just so many things that’s difficult to translate.

Many, many thanks Thuy!  I still owe you lunch. 🙂

For interior decoration (he does shop windows and frontage), reproductions, painting, and mosaic works, do contact Anh Tuan at 0907979158 or visit his gallery.

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