Vietnam Quilts

I always try to patronize products from non-profit organizations that aim to empower poor women.  Even in my small way, I feel I am able to help uplift their lives.  Here in Vietnam, I laud Mekong Plus in their efforts through Vietnam Quilts

“Vietnam Quilts is a non-profit, income generation project offering employment for rural women.  This sustainable employment allows the women to work close to home and care for their families.”

This project has gotten so big that there are quilt communities all over Vietnam.  Read more about the stories of these women here.

I heard about the Women in Vietnam Diary 2012 being sold in Vietnam Quilts.  Profits from the sale will all go to the funding of more projects for the rural poor.  And since I just love planners, I got myself one.

Below is the details of the diary:

Size: 15 cm x 20.6cm
Pages: 100
Full colour photographs: 38 photographs on glossy paper
Binding: spiral
Cover: hard clear plastic
Format: a week-at-a -glance photographic diary
Presentation:  gauze cloth bag
Cost: 270,000 VND / $13 USD

Going to Vietnam Quilts is a trap!  You cannot go and not want to buy at least one of the lovely quilts!  So after much consultation with my financier (Read: HUBBY), I received the green light to get Sam one:

It was creatively made and Sam said when he saw it, “I want to go to the zoo!” 🙂

There were lots more quilts for children and I honestly had a hard time picking out just one!  Take a peek of their shop:

Cute teddy bears:

I want the striped bag:

And this Starry Starry Night bag:

Here are more quilts that I am still drooling over:

And here are more quilts for kids:

There are Christmas decors too and I might just purchase some on Sunday at the Saigon Flea Market happening at the Crescent.  I believe they’re going to be there.  Actually, Vietnam Quilts will be in a bazaar tomorrow at District 2 or was it 3?

Visit Vietnam Quilts at 64 Ngo Duc Ke St. in District 1.  Please support them! 🙂

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14 Responses to Vietnam Quilts

  1. Ree says:

    I want Sam’s quilt! And the Starry Nights bag. Raine rin siguro yung bag, she loves Starry Starry Night. And the planner! And more quilts!

  2. Lyra says:

    Haha! Shop galore Rheea!

    I actually liked the Under the Sea quilt in the last photo kaso I knew Sam would like the zoo-themed one better. They have pretty quilts for girls!

    • Hoa says:

      Dear Lyra,

      I am Hoa from Vietnam Quilts and I would like to show my sincere thank to you for such a fantastic article and photos of Vietnam Quilts! We reapply appreciate this. By the way, since the photos you took are just great, I am wondering whether it is possible for us to use them (e.g in fliers, ads…etc?) because we are now in desperate need of good photos like these. I understand too if you do not agree as well since it is your property 🙂

      I look forward to hearing from you!



      • Lyra says:

        Hi Hoa! I’ll send you the photos tonight! If you want, I can drop by again and take more. I’m going to come back anyway to buy Christmas decors! 🙂

  3. Ree says:

    O sya, pasalubong na lang 😀

  4. Soki says:

    sama mo ako next time ha?!?! =)

  5. Niamh says:

    Lovely post! I bought some gorgeous Christmas decorations and cards yesterday at the flea market at the Crescent. I’ll definitely be hitting the store after seeing some of their quilts! Thanks for sharing the info.

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  7. Roy says:

    What is the price of a King size bed Quilt comforter ?

  8. eliquid says:

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  9. Faye Heywood says:

    The quilts are great to use and they are packed expertly in a cotton bag for you to fly home with.

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