Meeting Hoang Duong Cam

I love interviewing people!  This week I had the chance to interview installation artist, Hoang Duong Cam.

Actually, he’s not just an installation artist because he does painting, sculpture, photography, video, and more.  He attributes this to the fact that in Hanoi during the time he was starting as an artist that the only “real job” then was being a government employee.  So if you want something done back then, you only have yourself to rely on.

Cam is a reunificaton baby and during that time, times were difficult and art gave him solace and reprieve.

Listening to him is really fascinating and he has got so much to say about the arts and his mind is just full of ideas and idealism.  He introduced me to Dadaism and to the artists he looked up to like Antoni and Ader.

I visited him in his studio in Binh Thanh District.  I realize that I’m pretty brave going to unknown places and meeting strangers after being lost for an hour trying to find Cam’s studio!

I found him busy at work preparing for his exhibition “Ideal Fall” happening on October 6 to November 19, 2011.

He was working on his installation that required lots of layering of wax.

Saw some works of his young daughter too at the corner.  They share the studio. 🙂

Visit his exhibition at the Galerie Quynh at 65 De Tham St. in District 1.

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