Time to Schedule a Board Games Night!

Settlers of Catan is here!  Finally!

After falling in love with this game when we attended Geisha’s Board Games Night, we’ve been searching high and low, overseas and locally for this board game.  Soki actually reserved for us one at Hobbes and Landes in the Philippines but how to get it was mighty tricky.

Luckily, Rich House finally got in touch with me yesterday that the board game is finally in their shop.  I placed my reservation with them less than a month ago when unfortunately, the board game was out of stock.

Rich House also delivers anywhere in HCMC for free so it was really great that we didn’t have to go out our way to purchase!  Really terrific service!

Really grateful for Ray for introducing us to this game.  Now, we can play Settlers of Catan, anytime we want!  😀  Settlers of Catan is like a mongrel with a touch of Monopoly, Age of Empires, Risk, and SIM City.  It looks complicated at first but it’s actually really fun once you get the hang of it!

If you want to order board games, visit Board Games Saigon by Rich House.

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