Remembering Steve Jobs

Just yesterday, hubby and I were discussing what gift I want for our anniversary.  He was thinking of getting me an iPhone.  Hubby is such a generous soul but honestly, another gadget is not something I really want right now.  And I’m still not sold on the whole touchscreen thing having been brainwashed by Nokia.  I still think having a keypad on my phone is so much easier.

Everyday conversations in the household usually revolved around technology, and no less than Steve Jobs inventions is in the thick of things all the time.  So imagine my surprise, when I read of his death via FB on our iPad.

I immediately called hubby and asked why he didn’t tell me of Jobs passing.  It was sorta like a death of a family member — when you think about it, he has reached thousands millions of households around the world.

Honestly speaking, I am a PC girl.  In college, there was no way I could have created computer programs on a Mac (well as it turned out, I really can’t make a computer program even if my life depended on it on any type of computer!).   I spied my first Macs in the Shopping Center of our university where a shop was renting some 8 units (I think) for students who needed to do some class work.

But it wasn’t until mid 2000 that I really began to try using Apple products — mostly I was influenced by graphic designer friends but I wasn’t about to buy a Mac.  I started small (and cheap) and ended up buying the first generation iPod mini bought by my friend Acky from Hongkong.

It has the original silver finish (the only color available then) and Acky just got me an iPod mini “sleeve”.  Today this is being sold in a myriad of colors.

Eventually, hubby got himself an iTouch.  This gadget kept us sane in one of our trips gone wrong in 2010 — when we went to Nha Trang wherein we got stuck in the train (due to a typhoon) for 21 hours!  Without it, my son wouldn’t have anything to entertain him!

Early this year, we got ourselves an iPad 1 — which is a good learning tool for my son.  Even my mom who is a technophobe loved the ease of using the iPad.

And there truly is no escaping me using a Mac because I use it extensively at our agency which is a mini Mac world.

I still am a PC girl but I’d like to think that I am adept at using Apple products too.  Both technology can co-exist and everyone can benefit from using them.

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs changed the facade of the technological landscape with his awesome and unparalleled inventions.  That’s why I don’t feel any love for Samsung products. 😀  I’d like to stick to THE original’s products. 😉

56 is such a young age for one to die but he did so much more than anybody else who could live to a 100 years.  And more than that, he inspired a lot of people to be visionaries themselves.

RIP Steve Jobs.

I might just take hubby’s offer to get me an iPhone.

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1 Response to Remembering Steve Jobs

  1. Dani says:

    Isn’t it amazing, as Obama said, most of us learned of his passing via a product he invented. I did say to my better half though tonight, having left a wife and 4 children behind, do you think he ever felt he missed out on some things? He was obviously a driven man and I imagine kept insane hours. I hope for his sake and for that of his family that our gain was not their loss. A lesson for us all.

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