On FV Hospital

Before we moved here in Vietnam, we had to do the preview trip first.  Among the places we had to visit is FV Hospital should we wish to live in District 7.

Our tour guide was Sta. Fe Relocation Services.  I have only good things to say about Sta. Fe because they truly made our move to Vietnam pain and hassle-free.  They were there every step of the way, helping us move our stuff to the apartment — some friends even had Sta. Fe help them shop for food and appliances.

So anyway, we were given a tour of the facilities of FV Hospital which is the nearest hospital in District 7.  Another popular hospital for expats is Family Medical Practice in District 1 but is kinda far.

Since we got here, I’ve gotten acquainted with FV Hospital since my son has had his check-ups and vaccinations done there.  One incident of note was that one time when my son caught his foot on one of the beanbags in the pedia section and ended up with a busted lip.  The nurse on duty acted quickly though and my son was given first aid.  On our next visit, no more beanbags.

Lately, there has been discussion in our neighbourhood yahoogroups on the reliability of hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.  Many have voiced out their complaints and have opted to go overseas to have procedures done.  FV Hospital isn’t spared from the criticisms and since all hospitals are institutions built on people, who can ever say they’re perfect?  Any hospital out there who has a spotless record?

So where am I going with this?  Nowhere really.  Just rambling.

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