Halloween Party, anyone?

Halloween is a couple of weeks away and I’m trying to get friends and their kids into celebrating this occasion.  This Western tradition isn’t really observed in Asia — but it’s nice to see kids play dress up and have fun once in a while.

Two years ago, on Halloween, I accidentally left my 1 year old son in the elevator — something that I truly, truly regret.  No, I didn’t forget him.  I just thought he was following me out like he usually does because at that time, I was up to my ears hauling our stuff.

He got off at the 15th floor and I ran like crazy from the 10th to 15th under 15 seconds — well it felt like it.  He was crying his eyes out but luckily for us, a kind man stayed with him until I could get to him.

It felt like I marred him for life.

So in a way, I kinda want to bury that episode with good memories of Halloween (even if Halloween really meant to scare the life out of you — which it actually did for me).

Halloween costumes are all around the city: Hanah in Pasteur St. D1, Thanh Vy along Khanh Hoi St., D4, Lotte Mart in D7, and a couple of shops along Nguyen Thai Hoc St. in D1 before you cross the bridge to D4.  You absolutely cannot miss the stores as lots of halloween costume and decors are out in front.

So here’s to hoping, we pull off a happy Halloween party!

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