During my elementary days, the easiest snack my nanny would pack is milk chocolate and cupcake.

For the milk chocolate it has always been Nestle but for the cupcake — I forgot the brand name.  But what is popular in the Philippines I think is Lemon Square.  I love the Cheese and Brownie flavors!

With the boom of the cupcake business in the Philippines and with a lot of my friends going into the baking, I don’t really get to taste the commercial cupcakes being sold anymore.  But since I work for a design agency, I get to sample a whole lot of things from sparkling water to coffee and yes even baked goodies!

So finally, Lemon Square’s Vietnam counterpart, Topcake has launched its own cupcake line.

It comes in 4 flavors:  Pandan, Taro, Buttermilk, and Brownies.

I’ve tried the Buttermilk and Brownies and I’m not sure but I think their taste are a tad bit too sweet.  But since my hormones are out of whack these days, don’t trust my judgment!

If you want a taste of home with a Vietnamese twist, you gotta try Topcake’s cupcakes!

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