Khoa Le


Had a lovely afternoon chat with 29-year old digital artist, Khoa Le yesterday!

My first thought was — I should have met her months ago so I could have recommended her for Saigon Singles!  She is so pretty!  But I later found out that she is “unavailable”! Hehe!

This young artist is an art editor, has published some 5 children’s picture books, and has done CD covers for musicians.  She is one busy lady.

I instantly felt comfortable talking to her and it continues to amaze me that I haven’t met a Vietnamese artist I didn’t like.  For some reason, they all exude quiet confidence.  They’re passionate about their work but I don’t sense any yabang.  They’re all so very nice!

You have got to check out Khoa Le’s artworks.  See them here:  Hers are fantastical illustrations immersed in strong colors, curves, lines, and with great attention to texture.

Beauty in the Beast

Really love her work!

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2 Responses to Khoa Le

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  2. Michelle says:

    Dear Phuong,
    You were recommended to me as a good graphic designer for children’s books. I have a project I want to start and would need someone who can help me with colouring, inking and drawing. If you are interested please Email me:

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