Happy Halloween!

So happy that we pulled off a real Happy Halloween last night together with some Filipino families in our area.

Sam was in a pumpkin costume assisted by his Daddy with a pirate hat and eye-patch as they went Trick or Treating to some 12 apartments! I spruced up our door a bit too to get into the Halloween spirit!  The pumpkin lights up too!

Some 12 families signed up so imagine 20 kids trooping to 12 apartments!  Total and utter chaos!

While the boys were out, I, together with Soki, Rina, and Ria handed out treats to the kids who dropped by.

We enjoyed partly dressing up as well!

Us with the Ashley and Adam (photo taken by Soki)

Rina fitted into a 3 years old pumpkin costume.

Rina in Sophia's 3-year old costume (photo taken by Soki)

Here’s my little pumpkin ready to do some trick or treating.

Around 20 kids joined in the fun and we all had a blast afterwards at Geelicious where we all had dinner and played games!

Here’s Geelicious before party —

and when the party was in full blast —

And I also ordered cake from Cake Sense again, this time Halloween-themed ofcourse!

There was a fashion show at the beginning of the program as well and 3 won for best in costume: Reuben as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ramya as the witch, and Ashley as the Renaissance Lady! Terrific costumes!

Special thanks to Armi and Ruth for heading up the decors in the venue, Gigi for managing the food, Albert and Benjie for hosting! I knew how difficult hosting a party with some 20 screaming kids so A and B really outdid themselves! We had lots of paparazzis too – Armi, Mon, Walter, and Marlon!

Happy Halloween everyone! Time to put up the TREE!!!  Now if we can only get the eyeball off our bedroom ceiling…

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