The Word this November!

As usual, I’m excited about this month’s edition of The Word!

Remember the Saigon Singles issue last month where we had to vote for the best couple who we want to go out on a date?  Yes?

Well, as it turned out — our friend Rina together with Tristan Dwyer won a blind date at the Intercon.  So this month’s issue highlights their date and their impression of each other!

Tickled pink to read their article and what they had to say — and I’m really glad Rina enjoyed herself.  I was one of the girls in her cheering squad pushing her to do this.  Rina is one cool girl and she deserves to have fun outside work and her hobbies.  I’m just glad everything worked out!

Please get a copy of The Word and also read on my article on Khoa Le for In The Frame.

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