Disney Jr. Asia – HTV

It’s been 3 days now and Disney Junior Asia has been in Vietnamese mode.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t hate the language but I paid for this channel to be in English.  And nobody has given any official notice on the change!

We just woke up one morning and Mickey started speaking in Vietnamese to the sound of a woman’s voice — actually all of them sound like a woman because they’re not exactly dubbed but translated.  It’s not all the shows but old shows from Playhouse Disney like The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Imagination Movers are in Vietnamese.  I’m pretty sure there’s more but we just don’t sit watching Disney Jr. the whole day so I wouldn’t know.

I called up the cable company as advised by a friend who had their cable fixed too yesterday because of the language thing — 54115020.  I called the tech people at 8 am and they told me they’ll call back within the day.   Let’s see if they can get this fixed.

I am not paying cable to watch something my son can’t understand — and to think Disney Jr. is included in the most expensive cable plan.  Sigh.

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7 Responses to Disney Jr. Asia – HTV

  1. danny says:

    I too have this shocking surprise. Imagine the ‘dubbed’ translation came with the theme song and it sounds awful. I tried to change the volume to Left only or Right only but still both languages came out. How could one listen to two languages at the same time?

  2. Lyra says:

    Ah yes true! The sound is garbled because the English version can also be heard! I don’t know what these people were thinking!

  3. danny says:

    I just called the number u post on the blog. The technical guy claimed that they are aware of the ‘technical problem’ and are repairing it. When asked, how soon it could be rectified, he said ‘as soon as possible’.

    I dont think it is a technical problem. It’s a matter of decision whether to have 2 languages at the same time or not.

    If one wants to learn English language, learn by listening, talking and reading in English. Dont learn English via another language. One will never improve.

    • Lyra says:

      It’s so annoying listening to the shows! And if they want to really dub the shows, they should do a clean translation without the underlying English version.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Hi! We have a device that looks like an old dvd player here in our apartment (sorry I don’t know what it’s called) that gives us CNN, Disney Jr., etc. We just paid 450,000 dong for a year’s worth of service. The picture is clearer, kumbaga, high definition or something. I heard you have to buy the device (which our landlady did for a previous tenant). Our real estate agent was the one who went to the office and paid the fee. Sorry I couldn’t provide more information about this cable service provider. We still have the usual HTV cable service since we pay less that 90,000 dong a month anyway and it’s a fallback in case the other cable goes out. Anyway, sometimes the Disney Jr. channel goes into Vietnamese mode. We found out we just have to change the audio from left to right and voila, English mode again! 🙂

  5. Lyra says:

    Thanks for the tip Kathleen! Luckily this got fixed already. The cable tech was able to change it back. Actually, ok din nung nagkaproblem, less TV time for Sam!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Glad it’s all worked out. 🙂 Yup, my kid is addicted to Disney Jr. as well. At least the shows in Disney Jr. are educational and/or not violent.

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