Food Trip: Akatonbo

You know what’s the worst thing about eating in a Japanese restaurant? —>  If you can’t order raw food.

I can’t.  I’m 15 weeks into my pregnancy and I have a loooong way to go before I can taste my beloved Salmon/Tuna sashimi.

According to some, pregnant people can really try eating sashimi BUT ONLY if you really trust the cleanliness of the source/restaurant.

So anyhoo, instead of steering clear from eating at a Japanese restaurant, hubby suggested we tried Akatonbo in the canal district in Phu My Hung.  It’s fairly new I think — less than a year — and since there are a LOT of Japanese restaurants around in Saigon to choose from, this isn’t really under our radar.  And it’s name doesn’t exactly appeal to the senses.  You don’t exactly salivate hearing the restaurant name.

Surprisingly, this 2-story restaurant is pleasant and the food is yummy.  Except that their Yakimeshi tastes blah compared to Osaka Ramen.  If you’re pregnant like me, rice is important and unfortunately, this is the only valid thing I can eat in a Japanese restaurant and cooked stuff. 😛  This was actually the first time I ate at Japanese restaurant and order cooked food. 😦

I loved the seats upstairs though because they’re long, comfortable and can hold big groups.  You can also order something like hotpot because you can cook on the tables.

I also like the fact that they have a mini play area for kids so adults like us can eat in peace while our active little boy plays.

Akatonbo is worth visiting again but I may have to wait after I give birth!

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