Food Trip Bucket List

You know the funny thing about recommending food to visiting friends here in Saigon?  My list of restaurants serving international cuisine is longer than the Vietnamese restaurants.  I’m not saying Vietnamese food here is bad but since I came from an Asian country as well (and is highly influenced by Chinese cooking), the Vietnamese cuisine (also influenced by 1,000 years of Chinese colonization) is almost the same as in the Philippines.  True, they have a different twist on the Philippine-counterpart but otherwise, they’re all just Asian food.

My friend Ria came up with her Food Trip Bucket List which I hope to try one way or the other before we depart Saigon.  You cannot believe her list!  To think I’ve been living here in Saigon longer than her.

  1. Key Lime Pie and Lumberjack Pancakes at Elbow Room
  2. Dips, quiches, salads in Au Parc
  3. Scoozi pizza with red wine in Scoozi
  4. Veal ragu at Bernie’s
  5. Porkloin steak well done with baked garlic on the  side in New York Steak House
  6. Deep fried sea bass with mango salad &  in Lac Thai on Mac Thi Buoi
  7. Noodles with vegetables, fried spring rolls and grilled pork from Wrap & Roll
  8. Breaded garlic crispy shrimp from Happy Karaoke. Or that karaoke place my officemates love to hang out at.
  9. Chicken Rendang from Peaches.
  10. Ribs and seafood fried rice at Red Tomato
  11. Deep fried Stuffed squash flowers from Green papaya behind our office
  12. Lambchops at Shri
  13. Lambchops at Basilico
  14. Risotto at Vasco’s in Crescent
  15. Crispy breaded tuna lunch set from Dragon Hotpot
  16. Salmon sashimi from Dragon Hotpot
  17. Shepherd’s Pie at Sheridan’s
  18. Salmon pasta at the Idecaf restaurant
  19. Frankfurters in Gardenstadt
  20. Black paella at Pacharan
  21. Pica food at Sandals Scallops wrapped in bacon at Xu (Dani‘s suggestion because Sandals closed already)
  22. Burgers and fish at Zanzibar
  23. Moussaka at Skewers
  24. Mac and cheese at Black Cat – killer ito!
  25. Viet food in Hoa Tuc (hehehe! I don’t know the names)
  26. Prosciutto salad in Annam Gourmet
  27. Cheese Platter in Annam
  28. Albondigas in La Habana
  29. Risotto of The Deck
  30. Sea bass in tamarind sauce with bok choi in Mekong Merchant
  31. Baked fish in La Nicoise

From memory, I’ve tried 9 from this list so that leaves 22 more to go!  The most recent was our lunch (Ria and I) at the Elbow Room.  Indeed, the Key Lime Pie is perfect!  Sorry ’bout the quality of shot though.  And I also have to add that the Herb Chicken with mashed potatoes, spinach and gravy is one of the best meals I’ve had!  Must try!  See photo above. 🙂

Will have to come back to the Elbow Room for the Lumberjack Pancakes! 🙂

Check out the list here so you can see what I’ve tried so far. 😉

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7 Responses to Food Trip Bucket List

  1. Dani says:

    I hope you have already done 21. Sandals closed down!

  2. Lyra says:

    Oh yeah I heard about it! Well we just gotta have to replace #21! Any suggestion, Dani?

  3. Katrina says:

    I’ve only had two of those. Must eat more stuff!

  4. Lyra says:

    You should! 🙂 Magastos ito!

  5. Dani says:

    If you don’t want to travel too far from the old Sandals the scallops wrapped in bacon upstairs at Xu are amazing. I’m still trying to find one of the carts that do the deep fried bananas. I think they have all packed up by the time I finish work 😦

  6. Lyra says:

    Thanks Dani! I’ll update the list! 🙂

  7. Ria Vita says:

    Yeah! The scallops at Xu ARE great. I also love Xu’s wine collection too, yum! Thanks, Dani.
    One more: burger and fries at the Renaissance hotel
    Will go with you food tripping, Ly! 🙂

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