1 in 11.11.11

Hello Saigon turns 1!

One year ago, I wasn’t sure how this blog will turn out or if I would have the energy and diligence to see this through.  All I I knew then was that I just squandered more than a year of my stay in Saigon with no meaningful things to share.  Not that I was lazing my days away — but we all know that the written word is powerful and writing things down actually lead to better things ahead.

And wouldn’t you know it, Hello Saigon turns 1 today!

So today I thank everyone who may one way or the other have stumbled upon my adventures.  I’ve actually met some terrific people through this blog!  Thank you also for commenting — you don’t know that I look forward to reading the comments section each day!

Hello Saigon opened my eyes to look at each Saigon day with wonder.  And hopefully, I’ve imparted some of that wonder to you.

Last October 20, I launched My Favorite Things as part of the celebration of Hello Saigon’s first birthday.  I’ve prepared vouchers to give away to you!  From the 10 vouchers, I added one more making it 11 gifts to give away!  11 people sent valid entries and each will receive a gift.  It’s not much but I hope you appreciate the gesture.  In the next few days, I’ll be sending an email to each one on how to claim their respective gifts.

Since there is no right or wrong answer — I’ve decided on a raffle instead.

Then I placed ’em all in 2 hats:

5 Yoga by Daphne Vouchers

Bec Love
Gloria Chiam

2 Day Climbing Passes by Paul Massad


200,000 VND Gift Voucher from Vietnam Quilts (I added this one!) 


400,000 VND Gift Voucher from UMA


400,000 VND Gift Voucher from Geisha


500,000 VND Gift Voucher from Vietnam Quilts


Again, thank you very much for participating!  Will share your entries in the coming days!  Thank you as well to my sponsors, Daphne Chua, Paul Massad and Helen Holani.

In case you’re wondering, this Lava Cake was made especially for Hello Saigon’s Birthday by my good friend, Gigi Yu.  It’s certified yummy and yes, she does other cakes as well.  Email her at gigi.yu@gmail.com.

Happy Birthday Hello Saigon!

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13 Responses to 1 in 11.11.11

  1. maruhya says:

    Congratulations everyone! yipeee!!! Happy, happy 1st bday HELLO SAIGON! cheers!!! 🙂

  2. Kathleen says:

    Happy anniversary, Hello Saigon!

    I’ve been putting off my plan to go to Vietnam Quilts because I have been crossing my fingers I’ll win the GC and I did! 🙂 Thanks, Lyra! Looking forward to more blog entries…

  3. Grace says:

    Happy Birthday Hello Saigon!! 🙂 and I won!! yehey!!!

    Thanks Lyra! More posts to come!

  4. Manuel says:

    Happy Anniversary Hello Saigon!

    congrats Hunny.

  5. Happy Birthday Hello Saigon! More power! 🙂

  6. Geraldin A.Yu says:

    Happy Birthday Hello Saigon! congrats tita! and thank you po u like my cake!

  7. Soki says:

    Happy Birthday Hello Saigon!!! Thanks for the Yoga voucher! Kelan ba’ng expiration nyan? =)

    • Lyra says:

      Uy Soki! Wala naman. You can join Rina and Mabelle, Wednesday nights. I’ll be joining yoga again starting next week pero Tuesday morning kasi for pregnant chorva. haha.

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