No Sweater Weather

Saigon has a sweater weather all year round for motorists but for pedestrians like me or those who have shunned riding motorbikes, we never really get to wear sweaters — or if I do, it’s in the confines of my cold, cold office.

For some reason, Saigon is perennially warm to hot.  It never really gets too cold for me to bother putting on a sweater.  Since we moved here in 2009, my jackets have been rotting at the bottom of the closet.  I do bring out my sweaters sometimes to wear when I’m out jogging or walking to shield from the nipping wind.  It may be hot here but the wind is kinda crazy towards the evening where I live.

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I can’t help but miss the cool December weather in the Philippines.  Can you believe that on our first Christmas here in Saigon, we went to the beach?  And it was good too because it was waaaaaay cooler and Christmassy in Long Hai Beach.

Wish the cooler wind from the North will reach Saigon.

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