New 7 Wonders of Nature

Ha Long Bay taken from Bo Nau Cave by Ted Miller

I’m sure this news is old news but I just gotta write it down here.  Ha Long Bay of Vietnam and Palawan Underground River of Philippines made it to the provisional New 7 Wonders!  The inauguration will be on early 2012.  I hope the official count will include both of these natural wonders from my home country and my adoptive country.

While I haven’t visited any of these natural wonders, the pictures themselves speak so much of their beauty — what more if I see ’em for myself?

Palawan Underground River from

I’m so envious of Dani visiting Ha Long Bay together with her family (minus the dengue).  See the beautiful shots she took here.  Hopefully, before we head on back to the Philippines, we get to visit the bay.

Postcrosser friends will be happy to know that the postcards of Ha Long Bay that I sent ’em are the lasts of the postcards that will be printed of Ha Long Bay as UNESCO World Heritage Site.  I’m pretty sure the next ones will be tagged as New 7 Wonders.

Congratulations to Vietnam and the Philippines!

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  1. Sài Gòn.Thành Phố tôi yêu

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