Wishlist for Cancer Warriors

My Dad had colon cancer when he was 46 years old.  I was a graduating high school senior then and it was a rough time for the whole family — both financially and emotionally.  After two major operations, the cancer was in remission.  Sixteen years later, my Dad died of a non-colon cancer related disease.  Those 16 years were not smooth sailing for the whole family but 16 more years with my Dad as a cancer survivor is nothing short of a miracle.

This Christmas please give a little extra love to some 70 children (17 years and below).  The youngest is only 1.3 months old and is diagnosed with a type of cancer.

I cried going through the list.  They’re so young and they’re only asking for a little generosity.

Cancer Warriors Foundation is a Filipino organization that is geared towards uplifting the lives of cancer patients and raising awareness in the fight for the big C.

Download the Wishlist and please see if you can help donate anything.  I’m willing to help you get your donation across to these children.

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1 Response to Wishlist for Cancer Warriors

  1. I’m very proud to the Cancer warriors. That’s it don’t be hopeless.
    Thanks for this valuable info!
    God Bless

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