Meet Rina!

Remember My Favorite Things?  Rina won the 400,000 VND worth of gift vouchers from UMA.

You might have also seen her in the October and November issue of The Word HCMC for Saigon Singles and yup you might see her again in the December issue for an entirely different thing. 😉

Rina has been living in Saigon for over two years but it is only recently that she has gotten out of her comfort zone (the work-home thing) to finally (FINALLY!) explore Saigon.

Here’s what she had to say about her favorite thing about living in Saigon:

I am starting to love Saigon! :-) I’ve done unusual things I don’t normally do back home in Manila – one of which is going for a blind date! :-) and… mind you….being documented by a writer/photographer while on it! It could only happen here in Saigon! That is, courtesy of Lyra Dacio who initially conned us on this dating thing! Haha! Good she did that though :-) Fun, fun!

Hope you put the vouchers to good use Rins! 🙂

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