Turkey Sightings

It’s almost Thanksgiving in the Western world and Westerners that are living in Vietnam are starting to prepare for this holiday.  Hence, the high demand for turkey!

I actually asked hubby if we can attend a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Master’s Cup (see flyer on the left) because their menu sounded yummy — but we’d probably feel like posers.  I don’t mind really because I’m just in it for the food. LOL.

Just a day away before Thanksgiving and the demand for turkey has skyrocketed and some supermarkets have ran out of stocks.

Here’s a few places were frozen turkey are being sold:

Metro in An Phu, D2
Thai Hoa at 60 Ham Nghi St., D1 (they actually do deliveries)
Sava the Gourmet at 17 Street 12, Binh An Ward, D2
Lotte Mart in D7
Veggy’s (various locations)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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