Pacey Cupcakes Part 2

After my Banh Cuon LA lunch part 2 today (Yup!  I know!  I’m so predictable that way) wherein I roped in Ria to eat with me, we headed to Pacey Cupcakes which was just a few meters away in Nguyen Du St.

The 1st floor of the shop is small and is just where you order your food and if you want to dine in, you can go up to the 2nd floor where you get a nice view of what’s happening down the street.

Ria hasn’t tried the cupcakes here yet but after trying ’em out myself when Kathleen brought me some, I wanted Ria to taste ’em herself.

I think the yummy cupcakes were hard to resist just from looking at ’em that Ria bought 24 pieces to bring back to her office (lucky officemates!)!  The owner was kind and Ria just had to pay for 23 pieces. 🙂

The cupcakes were in brown boxes then placed in a brown paper bag.  Loved that they were trying to be environment-friendly.  But we had to request for a plastic bag because it was just difficult to carry 4 boxes of cupcakes!  We’ll recycle, we promise!

Later in the day, Ria updated me that the cupcakes were a hit with her officemates.  Looks like we’ll be going back to this place again. 🙂

Pacey Cupcakes
53G Nguyen Du, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC
+84  8 38233223
+84 918 456700 / +84 919 194565

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2 Responses to Pacey Cupcakes Part 2

  1. Dani says:

    I bought a couple of boxes for the kids teachers for teachers day. They had to pry them out of my hands! Next time I’m getting some for me!

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