How to Get a Motorbike License in HCMC

Reposting this from our neighbourhood group email.  Thanks Nathan for allowing me to repost this and possibly help foreigners who are interested in getting a motorbike license in Saigon.

Note: You need to have your valid international driving license or license issued by your own country in order to take the motorbike license test. If you pass the test, your license will include car license as well.
Step 1:         – To prepare your application
– 6 photos (3cm x 4cm)
– A copy of your valid foreign driving license; translated and notarized by a Vietnamese notarization office. The notarization costs about 130,000VND. The notarization offices are all over the city, there is one: So Tu Phap – Address 141-143 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, tel 08.38290230.
– A copy of your valid passport and visa. Your visa needs to be valid for at least 2 months from the date you submit your application.
– Application form – this form can be obtained at the DVLA office in district 1 on the corner of Ly Tu Trong and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia – Address: 63 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Nghe ward, District 1.
Step 2:       – To take medical examination and at the same time to submit the application
When you have all of the above document, you need to show up at the DVLA office in district 1 for the medical examination. It would be a very quick (15 minutes) and simple process. Monday to Friday 8am-11:30am and 2pm-4:30pm. It is a basic examination to test your eye sight and to see if you have all 10 fingers. After the examination, you will submit your application together with the health certification in exchange for a test date which will probably about 7 to 10 days from the date you submit your application. The application, health check up and test cost about 110,000VND. Please bring your passport, visa and your driving license for cross checking.
Step 3:       – To take the 2 wheeler motorbike test
The address to take the test is in Tan Phu district, beyond the airport, easy to find. They only have this test on Sunday afternoons. It takes about 2 hours, mostly waiting time. You should show up around 2:30pm to avoid waiting time. You will go to room number 1 and ask for a form to fill out. Unfortunately, the form is in Vietnamese so you need to either speak Vietnamese or have a Vietnamese assistance there to help you to fill in the form.
You will be asked to show your passport and driving license. After that, you will be called to do the figure of 8 and some wavy lines on a Honda Waive motorbike provided by the center. Please see below the layout of the course you have to do.
You can practice a few times before the test. The trick is to go very slowly and be able to control the bike so you won’t touch the lines. And unless you fall during the test or touching the lines too many times, they will pass you automatically. 10 days after the test, you will pick up your Vietnamese license in the same office in district 1.
The test appointment is at 12:30pm at Tan Phu district (pass the airport) on Sunday only.
They will provide the motorbike; something like a Honda Dream or a Honda Waive. So I suggest you to get some practice on this kind of motorbike in advance just in case. If you do not pass, you will have to pay another 50,000d and to take the test again in another Sunday.
If you pass, you can pick up your license 10 days later. The license will be for 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler.
IMPORTANT: You need to bring your original passport, visa and your driving license with you for the test.
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  1. Getting out and riding is the best way to prepare for the skills portion of the test, which is what the instructional permit allows you to do.

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