24 Days till Christmas!

I love Christmas!

I admit that my love for this season has somehow waned over the years but having a son and another one on the way makes Christmas oh-so-special!

Having wonderful parents who have made our memories of this holiday so memorable has proven to be my peg in creating Christmas traditions for my son(s).  With us being far away from home, it’s even more challenging.

When I was young, we celebrated Christmas with our grandparents’ and New Year at our home.  We’d open Santa’s presents on Christmas morning and we’d be sipping hot chocolate our beloved Nanay would make.  And always, always, we’d be surrounded by a number of our cousins.  Sadly, here in Vietnam, it’s just us 3.  But over the last 2 years, our Christmas celebration became more meaningful with new friends to celebrate it with.

One of the traditions I’d like to impart to my son(s) is the Advent Calendar.  I really liked the one Dani got from Vietnam Quilts.  And it’s not too expensive!  But I already made this one we have on our door and Sam did help me quite a bit to finish this up.  🙂

I’m so excited to start this tradition today!  I wish Sam will wake up already!

PS All stuff used to make this calendar was sourced from Ngan Thong.

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