Helping Hands

My son was enrolled in a playschool early this year.  It was good training for him but when the teacher decided to move to another area, the playschool/daycare shut down.  Since I began working in August of last year, my husband and I have somehow managed not to hire help to pick up Sam after daycare.  I think it went on for around 8 months until the playschool closed.  And then I had to scramble to find a nanny or resign from my part-time work.

I’ve interviewed 3 Filipino nannies.  The thing is a Filipino nanny is really expensive. 🙂  But I can’t blame them because I know for a fact that they’ve got their act together and their command of their English language is more than adequate for the job.  We’re Filipinos so it would be easier to hire a Filipino nanny as well.  And then I stumbled upon a Vietnamese nanny who have worked twice before for Filipino couples.  Her English is terrific and the fact that she has worked with fussy Filipino couples, such as I, was a big plus.

The best thing of all is that I needn’t worry about the VISA requirements and accommodations.  And we have access to Vietnamese cuisine!

The thing is though, she speaks a little of Filipino and good English that we don’t get to learn any Vietnamese at all.

In her downtime, she makes this beautiful flower decors she has learned from my friends, Armi and Ruth.  She has taken it to a whole different level and is now learning how to make roses through You Tube!

Thanks Bay for making our apartment a wonderful home to come home to after a long day at work.  Thank you for keeping my son well-fed, cared for, and entertained.  And thank you for making our experience in Vietnam so much richer!

P.S. All materials sourced from the flower project are from Ngan Thong.

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2 Responses to Helping Hands

  1. andre says:

    just recently moved to vietnam and i am loving your blog – it has helped me a lot.. i am planning to bring my wife and kids here soon, but i found out that International schools are quite expensive, any advise or help on other school alternatives? a good school without the IS prices.. salamat and all the best to you.

  2. Lyra says:

    Hi Andre! Thanks so much for visiting this blog and for the kind words.

    On the school alternative, I’ve heard of ACE Vietnam but I couldn’t find any website on this. I’ve met some Filipino kids who study there. It’s like a homeschool type of education but they still go to class. They are graded according to Filipino education standard. I’m not sure exactly how this goes. I’ll ask someone I know about this and let you know.

    I’m glad this blog helped you!

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