Year Ender for The Word

On this month’s issue of The Word, the first part celebrates the year that was and there’s a feature on Manila and our friend Rina.  Yup, Rina has been featured in this magazine 3 months in a row!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get an article in this month because my interviewee bailed out on me last minute!

Howell, better luck next year! 😉

The Manila article features the interesting delicacies found in the country including the duck egg (balut) and chicken intestines (isaw).

The writer also met Carlos Celdran who is most famous for his guided tours in some of the more historical and less trodden places in Manila.

And who says there is no fencing classes in Saigon?  Check the article on Rina talking about her most-loved sport.

Download a copy here.

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