Growing in Faith

I’m Catholic and I grew up in a family where we’d pray the Rosary and join our neighborhood Block Rosary.  When it’s nearing the Holy Week, we also did the Way of the Cross wherein each home in our street would represent one station.

Then we moved here to Vietnam which is largely a Buddhist nation.

Finding English Masses was difficult at first but when the Filipino Catholic community grew, the Church grew as well and now, there are 3 places where we can come to hear Mass.

And yes, there also is a Block Rosary and Divine Mercy community.

Coming to Vietnam is a challenge not only physically, but also spiritually.  So I thank these groups like the Friends of the Divine Mercy and Light of Jesus Community for actively bringing the Filipino community together in Jesus name.

I know I’m not the most religious person.  I am a work in progress.  Thanks to these opportunities for helping make my faith grow.

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