It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…at least in District 7.

I thought District 1 is late in putting up the holiday decors but I just checked my post on this last year and it seemed that Dong Khoi St. was in its full festive glory some time during the Christmas week itself.  I forgot that we’re not in Manila when Christmas officially starts when the “BER” months roll-in.

Saigon Tax Trade Center has this Blue Christmas theme going on and here in District 7, Crescent has started to put up several Christmas trees on the man-made lake.

I can’t wait to see the finished product!

The Pastoral Center in Ton Duc Thang is getting into the spirit as well.

I actually missed seeing the Nativity Scene!  You don’t see this often here in Saigon during this season.

There was also a Christmas concert going on when we arrived for Church.  Terrific to hear Christmas carols!

And may I add what an inspiring Mass it was today with 9 priests con-celebrating?  One of the many reasons, why I love attending Church at the Pastoral Center.

Several communicants also received their First Holy Communion today.

Christmas will be here in 14 days!  Can’t wait to see Saigon in its holiday garb!

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