Saigon Flea Market @ the Boomarang

Had reservation of going to the Saigon Flea Market just after they opened (2PM).  I didn’t want to look too eager as if I’ve been waiting all week just to go to a bazaar.  😀  As it happened, the place was packed just 30 minutes after 2 PM — there’s just a lot of us people who love shopping.

The second floor of Boomarang in Crescent Plaza housed the bazaar with some stalls spilling outside.  Luckily, yesterday’s weather was perfect.

I loved the chopsticks for kids here and the other knick-knacks.

I also found Kat’s stall selling mini-trees, bags, accessories, and Christmas decors!

There was a stall selling an array of soaps — even those with a built in loofah.  Interesting.

There was some pretty good stuff in Anna’s House making me wish I had a bigger place to put the lovely pieces in.

Wanted to splurge on items here in these stalls below but just couldn’t justify it.  Sigh.  My financier will be none too happy.

I think it was a successful bazaar all in all!  Can’t wait for the next one in January.

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