12 Days to Go!

Finally saw workmen starting to prepare the metal trusses for the holiday decors!

Excited much?

I just miss seeing signs of festivities and for Saigon, the main roads such as Le Loi, Nguyen Hue and Dong Khoi are usually spruced up to signify the start of this happy season.

Aren’t you just amazed on how fearless the workmen are putting up the structures in the middle of the street without warning signs for the oncoming traffic?  And barefoot too!  Just like last year!

Nguyen Hue has the arches up too!

So excited for the Flower Festival this year!  I hope it’s even better compared to last year’s.

Still more structures to put up!  And I also chanced upon workers preparing the Canal District in Phu My Hung for the holiday festivities as well.  Check out last year’s here.

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