Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass)

Back in Manila, as part of our Christmas tradition as Catholics, a Dawn Mass or Simbang Gabi for 9 consecutive days (like a Novena) is held 9 days before Christmas.  It began this morning, December 16.

Since this is really a Filipino tradition, it’s really difficult to find a Church here in Ho Chi Minh City celebrating dawn masses.  Luckily, the Filipino community have arranged a couple of locations for this tradition to happen even if they don’t exactly happen at dawn.

Pastoral Center
6BIS Ton Duc Thang St. D1
6:30 PM anticipated (Starting December 15)

Huong Vuong 1, Bldg. E601 (7th floor), PMH
6:30 PM (Starting December 16)

Now, what’s only missing is our traditional treat after Mass — puto bumbong and bibingka!  Sigh.

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