Christmas in District 1

…and the countdown continues!  Just 8 days to go before Christmas! 🙂

I remember last year when we went out to see what’s happening around in Saigon during Christmas — the streets were crowded, there was muffler to muffler traffic — both on the streets and the sidewalks, and there were lots of pedestrian traffic, as people enjoy the sights of Christmas.  I’m expecting the same this year!

My husband was almost accused of stealing someone’s bag in the street of Dong Khoi in front of Vincom when he was holding on to MY bag!  So, as much as you want to roam the streets and take photos of the beautiful Christmas decors in the city, please be careful.  Secure your valuables!  But then again, this warning is appropriate for all cities all over the world where Christmas means jam-packed roads and shops.

After dropping off some mail at the Post Office where I took the photo of their Christmas tree, I headed out and saw the vendors outside still selling their beautiful pop-up Christmas cards!  They’re really terrific cards which you can buy in a much cheaper price (they dropped the price to 15,000 VND each for me) if you buy in bulk.

HSBC is ready for the holidays too.  They did the same last year and it was a hit with the crowd that we didn’t get to have Sam’s photo taken!

It was taped off to ward off the crowd.  I’m pretty sure, they’ll let people take photos with their kids here by the end of the week.

Last year, there was just one Snowman and now, there’s a family of 3!

I love this portion where there’s the Notre Dame Cathedral in the background!  There’s a couch too!  I wonder if Santa’s coming or this seat is for those wanting to have their photos taken?

Dong Khoi St. is almost ready too — but not really for this holiday but for the coming Tet (Chinese New Year) — that’s why the street has an ochna-theme going on.

Rex Hotel have a couple of these beautiful trees by their entrance.  Looked so elegant!

The shop area was lined with garlands with Cartier boxes as decors.

Then, when you round the corner, you’ll see the contrasting gold decors.

Here’s Nguyen Hue which is almost ready for Tet.  I’m really looking forward to the Flower Festival here.

Le Loi St. is also starting to awaken to the holidays.

The Saigon Tax Trade Center has a Blue Christmas theme going on and its a hit with the crowd.

At this point, a cyclo driver stopped me and asked if I wanted a tour of Saigon.  Hahaha!  I know!  I am such a tourist in this country that has been my home for 2 years!  I smiled and I said I was on my way back to my office. 🙂

I crossed to the other side and saw this young people having their photo taken by the Saigon Tax Trade Center.

You don’t have to be Christians to appreciate the sight and sounds of Christmas.

Or the END-OF-YEAR SALES that go along with the season. 😉  Check out Giordano.

How about the Outlet Store?  Lots of marked-down Nike products!


Enjoy the sights and enjoy shopping!

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8 Responses to Christmas in District 1

  1. Robert Tran says:

    Here’s a peek at what Saigon Tet flower streets will look like this year. I was born in the year of the dragon, so thumbs up on the dragon theme. 🙂

  2. Kathleen says:

    Hi! Is there an area in or around District 1 where we can get reasonably-priced Christmas decors? I saw two promising stores along Hai Ba Trung. I remember you mentioned a place last month but I forgot where it was. Was it Ngan Thong? 🙂

  3. Lyra says:

    Hi Kathleen! Try Hanah along Pasteur St or Ngan Thong in the same street. I think popular place din yung sa Hai Ba Trung although I haven’t been there. Cheapest pa rin talaga sa Cholon.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Do you have Hanah’s address? Or malapit lang sa Ngan Thong? I plan to drop by tomorrow. Cholon is just too far away. I don’t like to ride the public bus all the way there nor do I want to pay for cab. Hehehe… Thanks as usual, Lyra! 🙂

  5. Lyra says:

    Hanah is at 182 Pasteur St while Ngan Thong is at 55A Pasteur St. Hanah is dun sa side nang Notre Dame Church. Ngan Thong sa Saigon Square 1 side. Gets? Magkalayo sila!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Hi! I was able to visit both stores. Paubos na ang stocks sa Hanah but I was able to buy a few items. I was also able to buy decors in Parkson. We passed by Hanah’s hundreds of times na pala but I didn’t take a mental note of the name of the store. I thought it was just a small shop and I usually see stuffed toys lang on display. I love Ngan Thong for the numerous wrappers, ribbons, etc. I didn’t buy anything when I passed by the store because it was an unplanned detour but I can’t wait to go back! Now if only traffic would ease up a bit… If I didn’t look at the calendar, I could’ve sworn we are a few days shy of Tet already with the traffic jams we are having! Anyway, Merry Christmas! 🙂

  7. Lyra says:

    Hi Kathleen! Buti naka-abot ka pa sa Christmas decor shopping! Hanah changes their stock with the seasons. Kaya kung Tet, Tet stuff, kung Halloween, Halloween stuff. Basta may “in” na bagay, meron dyan!

    Galing nang Ngan Thong no? There’s another branch along Le Loi, kahelera nang Fahasa pero much smaller.

    Merry Christmas!

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