A second look on Crescent Mall

We took a peek of Crescent again this weekend and lots of shops have started to do their business.  F.O.S. was just putting the finishing touches to their shop.

Some shoppers were excited and entered one of closed doors of F.O.S. — they were asked to leave.  Hehe!

Remember when I was complaining that there were no seats in Crescent where you can rest a bit?

Well, I’m glad they’ve put in some now kahit papano.  This comes in Yellow and White.  Here’s my son testing one.  It’s made of hard, sturdy plastic and looked like it was stolen from the play areas.  I hope these seats are just temporary.  It doesn’t even match the color and style of the mall.  Sorry, baduy.  Looks unsafe too for kids when it’s right beside the railing!  Scary!!!

We however liked the mini-aquarium ‘neath the elevators fronting Bread Talk and Coffee Bean.  By the way, Bread Talk is now open!

And the bubble pillar was still a hit with Sam.

There was some entertainment this weekend in the spirit of the holiday season and we found the Balloon Man.

He made Sam a sword.  I was pretty jealous of what he made the other kid though — balloon machine gun! LOL.

We spotted Santa too but he was busy at the 4th floor when were headed down already.  But we saw a magic show at the ground floor.

I wanted to go through the magician’s stuff.

There were a couple of guys too on stilts!  So cool to see one up close!

And don’t you just love the elegant-looking tree in the background?  That’s why I wish they put in good seats (not those horrible plastic benches!) in Crescent because it should go with all the prettiness they’ve decorated it with.

Can’t wait to visit Crescent again.  Hopefully, MOF will be open then!

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5 Responses to A second look on Crescent Mall

  1. Soki says:

    ganda!!! when will you go back? =)

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  3. camtruong says:

    may i ask where is this location ?

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