9-Day Novena Mass

After much deliberation on the Phu My Hung schedule for the Simbang Gabi, it was settled that the Mass starts at 7PM each day for 9 days.  So far, I’ve been to 3.  6 more to go before Christmas!

The Mass is held in a fellow Filipino’s apartment where some 30 people gather to hear the Holy Mass in preparation for the Christmas celebration.

We actually have it easy for us as we only have to overcome our laziness as opposed to  those churchgoers attending back home where Mass starts at 5 AM each day.  I used to attend Simbang Gabi in Manila and I’d almost always fall flat on my face because of sleepiness.

Our officiating priest is from the Agustinian order, Fr. Christian with Kyle as our Sacristan.

The thing is with living abroad is that you try to recreate as much as you can the traditions you have back home.  And so I am thankful that Fr. Christian for the first time in his 3 years in Saigon, has agreed to doing the Simbang Gabi.  And he is such a wealth of wisdom and a source of inspiration.

Thankful also to the owners of the home.  It’s no joke having strangers invade your home for 9 consecutive days!

I’m praying that all our intentions for the 9 day Novena Mass will be granted!  Wish me luck that I complete the next 6 days.


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