Jensen Moreno

Yesterday, I met with artist, Jensen Moreno.

Yup!  She’s Filipina making headway in the Saigon artistic scene.

I visited her at her home which was really far — just across my building — and got a peek on what she’s up to in her mini-studio.

She was in the middle of doing a portrait of  photographer, Alex McMillan of HCMC Today (which I religiously follow).

She’ll be including this in the group exhibit at La Vita e La Morte happening at Boomarang on January.

In her last exhibit here in Saigon, she showed off her work of PNoy:


She does abstracts too but has found her niche in portraiture.

See her works together with local and foreign artists in La Vita e La Morte!

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7 Responses to Jensen Moreno

  1. Alex says:

    Uh oh, guess who she’s painting in her new picture. 😀 😀 ;D

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