FV Face-lift

Music filled the air as I entered FV Hospital today.  The pianist is back!

He played soothing love songs like Right Here Waiting for You — which is better than hearing Engelbert Humperdinck’s Last Waltz and Air Supply’s I Can’t Live if Living is Without You which the lady pianist used to play in 2010.

There is a huge red-orange Christmas tree right as you enter the foyer and it contrasted well with FV’s blue-green theme.

The old pharmacy area gave way to a coffee shop that served coffee (of course!), fruit juices, meals, and my favorite cakes.  The cakes here in the hospital are surprisingly good.  I brought home an egg pie to Sam and he ate it with gusto.

The new pharmacy was just right across which was terrific so you can eat while you wait for your name to be called to get your meds.

The pharmacy looked terrific and the seats are comfortable in easy-on-the-eyes greens.  It doesn’t look like the war zone it was before.  The wi-fi helps too!  Hehe!

The rest of the waiting area is in neutral tones and is well-lighted with high glass walls.

The whole place was bathed in natural light!  Saves electricity!

I really liked what they did to the first floor!  Patients who are sick will instantly feel a little better with this layout.

I don’t like hospitals but this doesn’t look so bad. 🙂

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