New Year’s at Binh Quoi 2

As much as we wanted to see the fireworks in the city to welcome the new year, we opted to go with friends at the fringes of Binh Thanh district for some r & r.

We ended up spending New Year’s Eve up to New Year breakfast at Binh Quoi 2.

This small resort boasts of tennis courts, swimming pool (kids and adults), playground, man-made lake, cottages on the river, and a restaurant serving delectable dishes.

As you drive up to Binh Quoi 2, you’ll pass by Binh Quoi 1 which serves buffet as well minus the resort-facilities.

I love that the place has a huge play area for the kids to run.

Rustic see-saws and swings for the whole family.

Binh Quoi grounds is well-maintained.

Pathway leading to the main restaurant.  I believe this place is quite popular.  There was a function room where an event was on-going when we arrived.

Lovely flower displays.

By the resort entrance way…

Lovely Vietnamese attendants in their ao dais…

Bridges to the cottages…

The cottages by the riverbanks.

The trouble was that — it wasn’t officially new year yet so Binh Quoi wasn’t really in a festive mood.  But it was nice that the restaurant management allowed us to stay till midnight to welcome the new year!

Good thing I brought some noisemakers!  Our group had a good time nonetheless! 🙂

Happy new year everyone!

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