Ernest Hemingway Stamp

Dropped by the post office today for the first time this year.  As I was mailing a letter, I noticed that the new stamp features Ernest Hemingway.  So cool!

There also is a new stamp as a tribute to the coming year of the dragon.

Have you seen the Singapore dragon stamp version?  It’s really fierce that it drew criticisms from microbloggers.  Read more on that here.  Check out the photo here.  I like the colors of the Singapore dragon stamp but I like the subtlety of Vietnam’s version better.

So happy to see new stamps available! 🙂

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3 Responses to Ernest Hemingway Stamp

  1. Jean Wethmar says:

    Great post.. I love the E Hemingway stamp.. I’d love one please.. send mail to PO Box 123 North Sydney, 2059 Au.. my blog info – my website info – – happy blogging.. happy Saigon! I love it as well.!

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