Dragon Stamps

Where are you off to this Tet Holiday?  We still haven’t decided if we’ll just stay at home — which is actually a good idea — or go somewhere.

I’m actually curious to see the New Year celebration in District 1 but also scared at the same time of the crowd.  And I too am excited to see how the Flower Festival will look like this year.  From this site, it’s going to look spectacular!

What’s also fun in Saigon is that every year, they celebrate each year by commemorative stamps.  I discovered the 10,500 VND dragon stamp in yellow last week and today I found out that there’s a 2,000 VND dragon stamp as well.

And surprisingly, I’ve received a message from a fellow Postcrosser that he’s collecting dragon post stamps.  Should have known that there was this one so I could have sent this one too.

Anyhoo, what to do on the week-long celebration of Tet?

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