Tragic Elevator Accident

Here’s a photo of my son (left) with Bo (right).  Bo is my nanny’s 25-month old nephew who she is now taking care of.

Bo’s mom, Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet died on December 24, 2011 after she stepped on the elevator (2nd floor) in the Vocational School of Tourism, where she is employed.  When the elevator door opened, there was no floor/car, so she plummeted to her death down the basement.

Read the story here.

I am now seeking help where ever we can find it to help speed up the case or to at least help in the financial assistance of the bereaved family.

Although the school has paid for the transfer of the body from HCMC to Danang, the school owners have not paid for the hospital and funeral bills.  This case is clearly due to the school’s negligence to ensure the safety of their employees and students.

I am posting this story to seek help on how we can help my nanny’s family and ensure Bo’s future.  Who can we go to that can help handle the case?  The family has gone to the police but found that for such cases wherein a corporation / business is involved, they are not much help.

Any advice is welcome.

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3 Responses to Tragic Elevator Accident

  1. Dani says:

    Oh Lyra…no advice from me…just my deepest sympathies. Too tragic for words.

    • Lyra says:

      Yes Dani. 😦 We learned about this right after we attended Christmas Mass. My family was speechless when we found out.

  2. Jean Wethmar says:

    Words fail me.. how very sad for this family to endure this tragic accident, and then not to get support/guidance and comfort in the form of financial aid from this school is outrageous. I’m going to forward this to colleague in Hanoi.. maybe they can help..
    Thanks for posting .. J

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