Fastfood Chicken

Every time I go to work, I get worked up during lunch time when I’d have to think of WHERE to eat in Saigon.  There are a lot of restaurants around but sometimes, I just can’t decide.  And since I eat mostly alone because I like walking around the city after a meal and doing some errands, the place should be okay for people like me who eat alone.

I already ate at Jollibee early this week but I still wanted to eat some fastfood chicken yesterday.  By the way, in Saigon, the available fastfood places that serve chicken includes Jollibee (PH), Popeye’s (US), KFC (US), and Lotteria (Korea).  I don’t think there’s a Vietnamese brand.  I posted a question on FB on whether I should just eat at KFC or Popeye’s or Jollibee again.  Most of my friends voted for Jollibee but since I already ate there, I decided to eat at the nearest chicken fastfood place — Popeye’s at Vincom.

It’s always scary eating at a mall where you’re bound to find other items you want to buy.  I almost went for the Crocs rubber shoes for Sam which costs almost the same as the Nike we bought over the weekend for hubby.  Good thing I talked myself out of it!

I ended up with the 2 piece chicken meal and their new offering — gravy for 8,000 VND I think.

Sorry for the bad shot.

Don’t order the mashed potatoes.  It tastes blah!  Or is this how Southern mashed potatoes with gravy is cooked?  I really didn’t like it.  On my first taste, I thought that maybe it will grow on me — but after 5 tablespoonfuls, it really didn’t, so I didn’t finish that off.

In between readings of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10, I finished off my 2 pieces of chicken in no time!

Thanks Popeye’s.  But please improve on the mashed potatoes.

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