La Vita e La Morte

Finally, La Vita e La Morte!

This 3-day charity event happening at the Boomarang Bistro Saigon in District 7 is on its last day so better hurry up tonight to see Saigon Players’ staging of No Exit and a number of other live art performances including dancing, music, and poetry reading.

We were there on the second day last night and we had the most enjoyable time while helping a little for Helping Hands Saigon.  HHSG is an organization geared towards uplifting the lives of children with HIV/AIDS.

An art exhibit by amateurs and professionals adorn the entry way of Boomarang’s second floor leading to the “theatre” area at the back — still decorated by fantastic paintings and photographs!

Boomarang so graciously hosted the event.

Soki soaking up some art!

I really wish I can buy some art to bring home to Manila!  Please, please drop by and see the wonderful creations of local and foreign artists.

I like this work by Filipina artist, Hershey Malinis

There actually was a lot of works by fellow Filipinos including, Jensen Moreno who I interviewed last month.

Jensen’s works on the easel stands

The centerpiece of the event is Saigon Players’ one act play No Exit written by French philosopher, Jean Paul-Sartre as directed by Filipina, Jennifer Dizon.

Imogen Dobbs, Frederique Bouliheres, and Patrick Hughes

I really enjoy watching theatre and though I may seem bewildered at first (I actually love the bewilderment part when I watch) — I like to see how the story unfolds and captures me.

Imogen Dobbs, Frederique Bouilheres, and Patrick Hughes

No Exit has a death theme but despite the seriousness of it, it still elicited laughter from the audience.  For the most part of the play, there were just 3 actors.  Soki and I were amazed how the actors captivated the audience for a long time without break!

Sorry about the blurry photo.  That’s Robert Cotgrove (left) as the valet in the underworld.

The actors were all amazing and I wish I had their power to memorize all those lines and act at the same time!  Jen directed and staged the whole thing and I’d say it truly is a success!

After the play, there was a series of live performances.  The first one was a dance number featuring the Arcade Fire song, Rebellion danced by Nguyen Ha Tu Trinh and Nguyen Thi Thanh Hang.

A song and dance number by the teachers and students from The American School of Vietnam.

A poetry reading by Minh Do.

A piano performance of Fur Elise and the Turkish March.

And a musical performance that would have been second to the last but the electricity gave out.  😦  Too bad we were unable to watch the last dance number.

These guys were awesome though.  They kept at it even without the electricity!

Please do come by Boomarang tonight at 5 PM for La Vita e La Morte!  Not only is it for a good cause, it’s good for the soul too! 🙂

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