Hem 39 Mac Thi Buoi St.

While looking for Le Rustique Chic, I found myself in an alley in Saigon that I wouldn’t otherwise explore had I not been looking for an elusive shop.

Sometimes, it’s fun getting lost and finding hidden gems in the city.  But I sometimes wonder, how these shops fare with their storefront tucked away from a lot of possible clients — the pedestrians?

Lots of Luck Spa sounds interesting.  😉

Asian Fish sells lots of fashionable clothes!  And their accessories are really exquisite!  A must visit!

So Co La is having a sale right now and they sell lots of pretty clothes too and home-made fragrant soaps!

Do check out Alley 39 in Mac Thi Buoi St. in District 1 and see some terrific finds!  Let’s support local shops!

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