TET at Crescent

So we scratched the idea of staying in D1 to wait for the new year.  We figured, we can see the fireworks from our place anyway, although the experience wouldn’t be as grand.  A Vietnamese friend actually invited us for the TET celebration later at her home — which I’m quite scared of because we’re foreigners and in Vietnam, visitors aren’t allowed in the homes of Vietnamese during this momentous occasion UNLESS invited.  And those invited are “deemed” to bring in luck to the family for the coming year!  The responsibility of bringing in LUCK is too much, don’t you think?

So anyway, last night, we checked out the bazaar in Crescent again which was in full swing. There was a long area for the bazaar and an area where they were selling plants for TET.  We only visited the bazaar area.

Really, cheap items.

But really, nothing that interested me.

I just love people-watching during this season!

The kids loved this!

We decided to crossover to the lake-side where the flower display were…

Not fond of yellow flowers.  But you can’t get away with that during TET and it just looks so festive, don’t you think?

Cory Aquino will be proud!

As much as I love those flowers on a wheel barrow decor, I loved those flowers on the boat too!

And of course, the rice paddies!

Lotus flowers all lit up on the lake…

Traditional fishing gadgets —

You can also buy floating lanterns to release on the lake —

The bridge looks rickety though —-

Samsung is a major sponsor this year! 😀

They have 3 of this kiosks showing their new tab where you can get your name written traditionally and then printed.

Lots of balloon vendors around and I wanted the dragon balloon to represent the coming Dragon year!

Four balloon vendors later, we settled for this which cost us 50kVND!!!! We haggled it from 100kVND.


Sam loved it so much!

Good thing we were able to take lots of photos of this balloon because as usual, it wasn’t for us to take home.  It’s probably still stuck in the ceiling of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Crescent is open all throughout the TET Holidays so if you have nowhere to go and you’re just in Phu My Hung, might as well check out the festivities here.  Oh and the cinemas are open! 🙂

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