Scott and Binh’s Restaurant

For us that decided to stay put in Saigon for the TET break, it’s only a matter of time when cabin fever sets in.  At least for me, I need to step out of the house to take a breather daily — just to walk around the neighborhood.  So today, the whole family set out to walk to Scott and Binh’s for dinner at Bizu Hotel.

It was just a short walk from our place.

We chose to eat inside the restaurant especially since we have a toddler in tow.  The dining area is spacious which can probably hold 30 guests for a small party.   The low lights set the tone for an intimate dining experience.

Since Vietnam is still on a holiday, there weren’t a lot of people around.  Actually, it was a blessing because Sam can get pretty rowdy.

Good thing that Chef Scott gave us papers and crayons to keep him busy.  Yup, the chef was around to serve and chat with the diners. 🙂

Since it was just us three, we couldn’t order much even if I wanted to try a lot from their menu.  Sam had Chicken Fingers and French Fries from the Children’s Menu.

Hubby had “The Best” Quesadillas which honestly, really was terrific!  Must try!  Sorry for the awful shot!

There are two soups that I love best — Creamy Mushroom and Broccoli Cheese Soup.  Glad that Scott and Binh’s have Creamy Mushroom in their menu.  You can say I’m in a continued search for the best Creamy Mushroom Soup!  It’s not the usual “white” mushroom soup but IS yummy!  I’d come back for this whenever I need my soup fix.  And I’m glad that they didn’t scrimp on the mushrooms! 🙂

For the main course, I had Chili Roasted Pork Tenderloin with green onion mashed potatoes, wilted greens with bacon and pickled baby leeks, and honey grain mustard barbecue sauce.  It was served medium rare — which what I wanted BUT I had to ask Chef Scott to take it back and serve it well-done. :((  But it tasted delicious so I can’t complain.  For a Filipino who is more used to a sweeter kind of barbecue sauce, it’s pretty challenging to accept a different take on the barbecue sauce I’ve grown up with.  But I’ve gotta say, the tenderloin matched with the bacon and mashed potatoes did wonders for me.
I love the texture of the mashed potatoes!

Best of all the food is not ma cua!  🙂

Do check out Scott and Binh’s Restaurant at 15-17 Cao Trieu Phat St., Hung Phuoc 1 Phu My Hung, D7.  You can also avail of their offer to get a free starter course (soup, starter size salad, or sharing plate) by just emailing them at  You’ll get an e-voucher.

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5 Responses to Scott and Binh’s Restaurant

  1. Hi There, it was nice to meet all of you. We are really glad you enjoyed your visit with us. A good chef knows when to take a recipe with him, and I learned those quesadillas a long time ago in Austin, Tx. For the mushroom soup, as a teacher once told me: Just KISS it. Keep it simple, stupid 😉 So, I take some dried mushrooms, stems and pieces, and make a rich stock. Then puree and strain out the cooked mushrooms. Saute a bunch of fresh mushrooms, add heavy cream and salt and pepper, and that’s it. Glad that you enjoyed the pork tenderloin, there is a great story about how that dish came about that I will tell you all next time 😀 We will all work hard to keep our standards up to keep you coming back. Again, Thanks from all of us at Scott and Binh’s. Peace

  2. momsterteacher says:

    I’ve just had a heavy dinner but your post made my mouth water! Oooooh shrimp!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. momsterteacher says:

    teka, naligaw ata ang post ko! Dun dapat yun sa may shrimp shrimp 🙂

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