Food Trip: Happy Tom Buffet

On the last day of the holiday, our friends invited us to go out for dinner.  And not just any dinner, a friend was bent on finding a buffet dinner.

After much research, we decided to try the seafood buffet at Happy Tom in District 3.  Lots were recommending it and for 200kVND per person, it was all worth it!

I just sent an SMS to Happy Tom’s number to confirm that it’s open today and to reserve a table for 10 — and they promptly replied.

By 6 pm, the place was not full but there were already a lot of customers.  Most of the servers can only speak Vietnamese, but food has it’s own language, so we got by eventually.

We chose to sit near the entrance where the ventilation is better since we were going to do some barbecuing.  Customers can also do hotpot.

It was a feast!  We had trouble choosing from the buffet table.  Check this out!

I loved the chicken liver and the chicken!

I wish I could have eaten more oysters but with my condition, I decided not to risk it.  I had lots of shrimps though.

Here’s the veggie and noodle section.

For the hotpot —

An array of sauces to choose from —

Two hours later, we were still at it….

The corn was good too!  Naturally sweet! 🙂

They serve 3 kinds of soup too and fruit desserts — which I was unable to take photos of.  50% off for kids 5-10 years old.  Do try out this place — especially if you have a big group. 😉

To get there, we only took a cab but Bus No. 7 stops directly in front of Happy Tom coming from Cho Lon or Go Vap.

Happy Tom Buffet
25 Ky Dong St., P9, Q3
22419199; 0909992392 

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3 Responses to Food Trip: Happy Tom Buffet

  1. no says:

    You got the street name backward. It’s Ky Dong St.. 🙂
    Look good on photos, def worth a visit next time in Saigon.
    BTW, Happy New Year!

  2. Lyra says:

    Haha! Thanks for letting me know. Will update! 😀

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